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Tuesdays Corp is a content driven digital marketing company.

Content Head

Job Purpose: To execute content strategy through a team, for clients objectives to be achieved

Experience required: 5yrs+

Job Description:

  1. Role requires the candidate to manage the end to end content from creation to execution across platforms of social media and website.
  2. Role requires candidate to translate client requirements into relevant content as per quality metrics defined
  3. Role requires candidate to create and execute a content development process, for all media and platforms
  4. Role requires the candidate to build a team of inhouse and outsourced freelancers from resource pool, as per project requirements and get work done within defined timelines
  5. Role requires candidate to research and integrate relevant content development tools for effectiveness across platforms
  6. Role requires candidate to create and maintain a repository of content guidelines, resources and connects to build operational expertise
  7. Role requires the employee to lead the team to ensure highest levels of productivity & engagement
  8. Role requires the candidate to ensure deadlines are met
  9. Role requires the candidate to understand the global best practices with regards to content curation and processing


  • Develop content strategy and plan
  • Research and execute plan
  • Provide data analysis and reporting metrics for clients


  1. Creative
  2. Meticulous  (Attention To Detail)
  3. Continuous Learner
  4. Process Oriented
  5. Effective Leader
  6. Knowledge of digital platforms & relevant tools

ABOUT JOB: Hybrid model

Content Writer

Job Purpose: To execute content strategy for long form as well as social media paltforms

Experience required: 2yrs+

Job Description:

  • Responsible for writing compelling and original articles on various topics as per the client industries in B2B domain
  • Should be well versed with writing for social media platforms especially LinkedIn and Instagram from a marketing perspective
  • Should have an understanding of business-outcome driven writing and not just information content pieces
  • Comfortable with creating data driven content, from various sources available online for a client brand or industry
  • Create engaging content for technical industries like fin-tech, logi-tech, tech product driven companies, etc keeping the business objective in mind
  • Extensive, hands-on research orientation for each piece of content created, across various industries
  • Develop engaging content primarily for social media, articles, blogs, emailers, newsletters, PR stories, to entice and engage the audience.
  • Written for technology products and business services from a marketing perspective preferred
  • Proofread content for errors or additions and ensure that content is written per instructions
  • To be able to write the content as per the SEO standards as and when required
  • Ensure all work is genuine and free of plagiarism
  • Brainstorm and finalise article headlines for each piece of content
  • Contributing promotional write-ups wherever necessary as per client requirements
  • Doing a competitor analysis and ensuring clients digital properties are in line with industry relevance
  • Work with internal teams to obtain an in-depth understanding of the clients requirements


  • Translate clients brief into long format content
  • Research industry information and stay up to date


  1. Quick and critical thinker
  2. Timeline sensitive
  3. Extremely Meticulous  (Attention To Detail)
  4. Continuous Learner
  5. Process Oriented
  6. Knowledge of key sites for sourcing industry information

ABOUT JOB: Remote working available, five day week

Social Media Marketing

Job Purpose: To create content pieces for social media platforms and publish, circulate, amplify them

Experience required: 2- 4yrs

Job Description:

  1. Role requires the candidate to implement a strategy that builds, curates & promotes the social media properties of all clients
  2. Role requires the candidate to have platform expertise of Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin, Snapchat and Twitter (preferred)
  3. Role requires the candidate to translate the content strategy into a content calendar with content pieces using different media(posts, videos, reels, gifs, infographics etc.) so as to suit each platform as well as the audience
  4. Role requires candidate to ideate and write occasionally for brands’ social media and content platforms in collaboration with the content writers
  5. Role requires candidate to publish and amplify content organically for all clients
  6. Candidate should have an understanding of organic and paid social media promotions, execute and optimise campaigns for performance
  7. Role requires candidate to understand and work with the influencer network, right from identifying the ideal one for brands, liaising and delivering results with them
  8. Role requires the candidate to work with the agencies and other team members for creating graphics, videos, blogs and all other formats of content
  9. Role needs candidate to measure and improvise on all social media metrics for follower count and engagement levels.
  10. Role requires candidate to initiate tie-up’s and associations to create digital properties for brands


  • Implement social media strategy
  • Create original content ideas and circulate
  • Provide data analysis and metric reporting for clients


  1. Social Media Platforms knowledge
  2. Business Acumen
  3. Creative
  4. Understanding of advertising / promotions across social media platforms
  5. Networking / Relationship building
  6. Agency/vendor Management
  7. Process Oriented
  8. Meticulous

ABOUT JOB: Hybrid model

Please email your CV on with the role you are applying for clearly mentioned in the subject line.

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