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How is Tuesdays Different?

"We understand your business and suggest the most suitable actionables from the MediaPod"

The Origins

Tuesdays was actually born in 2011 when only a handful knew about digital medium. It went through its own life in the decade that followed of success, joys, trials and turbulations. Resurrected in the year 2021 like a phoenix rising from the ashes, with rich experience of what business owners seek, how agencies remain superficial, content remains key to every aspect of communication. When X chromosome of Business understanding met Y chromosome of Content, Tuesdays was born.

What’s Unique

Moving away from outsourcing your digital entity to ‘insourcing’ it with Tuesdays. The I.C.E. Approach allows us to deep dive in what makes a business, a brand, a team unique. Armed with vision, narratives, futuristic insights, our Writers in Residence work in tandem with teams, agencies, specialists, to build brands in a holistic manner. With a decade long business consulting experience as the premise, all our work is outcome driven. This is how we keep ourselves accountable to you, and equally a part of your growth.

“We understand the business before we curate the content”

We follow the R-R-R methodology

01. Reflect

We work with you to build the funnel of business goals, marketing goals, digital marketing goals and finally the content goals

02. Relate

We work with you to identify key areas of customer-centricity, talent pool and investor focus you wish to develop through the digital entity

03. Radiate

We work with you to establish ideal social media platforms, personal branding communication and sales enablement techniques.

“We build brands, not just campaigns”

Few things we don’t do:

Work without deciding on a concrete strategy

Work on per word, per space, per breath commercials

Work without a defined objective for the project undertaken

Work without a team (either yours or ours) for outstanding visuals

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