Our goal is to be the catalyst for your business to engage with the vast online community and enhance its brand value


It is our passion towards making the user base grow and increase your business sustainability


We work towards generating enthusiasm for your offerings thus increasing participation


We delve deep to understand and generate curiosity for the brand and then communicate through the best tool to leverage it


We aim to create brands which inspire. Quality remains our utmost performance parameter to deliver the best


Creativity synced with analysis enables us to collaborate a lot of ideas and build a substantial brand identity


Tuesdays Corp is an integrated online marketing company focused on creating a brand value by establishing an online presence for your business, leveraging it and connecting with your end users. At Tuesdays we understand how the dynamics of a high street retail outlet differs from that of a global brand, which is where our expertise delivers to customize as per your needs and future goals. Aim is to engage end users at a much lesser cost than traditional media, measure and report the ROI for same, and increase productivity for your business.

For a passionate and growing business, the online presence cannot be restricted to an inactive website only. A heady mix of search engine activities combined with the buzz on social media platforms, is what Tuesdays works towards. We provide an interactive marketing strategy for your online presence, taking in consideration what you give in the brief for customized communication, and which blends well with your offline approach.


What We Do

Diagnose – We understand a business’s current offerings, customer base, values and objectives. We dig for the motive behind creating an active online presence, and in the process gauge the business growth and marketing gap of the firm.

Conceptualize  – Based on the need gap assessment done, a draft marketing plan for establishing online presence is presented and implemented on mutual approval from both parties.

Implement – An end-to-end implementation of the strategies gets underway. With all the content and visuals in place, the layout and placement on every media platform is established within the specified time frame.

Measure – Alongside all the ‘eSocialisng’, we are also measuring the impact of conversations. Number crunching and accountability go hand in hand with our work, and that is how your online presence makes a difference.  We report the numbers, analyze the trends and measure the value addition to your business, as a means of online activity.


Why TuesdaysCorp?

Carpe Diem – Seize the Day!

Tuesday is the most productive day of the week, with bolstering energies around and creativity flowing high. We at TuesdaysCorp endeavor for all days to be enthused with such productivity and competence, to enable our clients reach their business goals.

The philosophy behind naming our company Tuesdays is for it to be the energy house of creative and analytical brains, in tandem with building brands that inspire.

We follow the philosophy of Carpe Diem – Seize the Day as efforts are accumulated and results attained to reach the pinnacle on an everyday basis.