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Marketing Activation

Tuesdays is strategically aligned to how your customers buy. That is our USP and we don’t just stop there. We activate all growth avenues through seamless distribution of the awesome marketing pieces created. This means your content reach is amplified through organic means and measured for efficacy after being pushed and circulated within your network.

Content Distribution – This is the magic wand and our secret sauce of ensuring we reach wherever your buyers are including social platforms, communities and word of mouth generators. Our aim is to grow your business and we need the entire force to be with us.

Push Notifications – Small things can make a huge impact we believe, and well-crafted messages, sent at the right time through a trustworthy channel can be a game changer for B2B businesses.

Media Amplification – Ready to make your brand soar after having tested the waters of organic marketing? Use this approach to augment your user base, and create more relevance about your brand through planned campaigns.

Metrics Measurement – What does not get monitored, does not get measured, does not get monetised. We are in the business of ensuring your growth is a function of every effort put into building the brand. Every post, outreach, comment, is measured to map it with what your customer really needs and buys.

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