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Content Intelligence

Marketers can create high-quality content strategy through deeper analysis of content that performs for their brands. This gives direction to the high-quality content strategy that drives leads, conversions and revenue. Content intelligence measures the impact your content has made till date, and what are the channels leading to best performing content. This is an audit that amplifies decision making for business owners and marketing heads alike.

  • Here’s how we derive content intelligence at Tuesdays:
  • Understand the target audience segment in more detail and type of content they consume
  • Research and gather data for creating content that is most applicable to this target base
  • Create options for the style, tone of voice in line with the goals set
  • Create authority in the B2B niche through informative and enquiry driven content

We do not measure the performance and impact of our work only. We measure your efforts till date, to build on them further.

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