Our goal is to be the catalyst for your business to engage with the vast online community and enhance its brand value


It is our passion towards making the user base grow and increase your business sustainability


We work towards generating enthusiasm for your offerings thus increasing participation


We delve deep to understand and generate curiosity for the brand and then communicate through the best tool to leverage it


We aim to create brands which inspire. Quality remains our utmost performance parameter to deliver the best


Creativity synced with analysis enables us to collaborate a lot of ideas and build a substantial brand identity



The online buzz is active on social media platforms, which is where the need for Social Media Marketing (SMM) comes in to connect, share, listen and maintain your users directly on real time basis. SMM works best for both brand recognition as well as lead generation for targeted and optimized results. TuesdaysCorp here attempts to:


  • Maintain your Social media profile to connect with your target community and build a reputation with them
  • Create quality content and deliver messages specific to your current activities to create a buzz
  • Get an insight from consumer view point, report the same and provide valuable action plan to leverage same
  • Blog marketing which is revered by both the search engines as well as consumers. Providing quality feed and continual stream of fresh content which would attract users to your link and provide a descriptive view of what’s new at your end
  • Creating applications on social networking sites is a great way to engage and connect with end users. With the help of our trusted partners we gauge your user base to provide the development of such dynamic applications.